RITA Adds RITA Ally Membership Category

March 1, 2022

Retirement Industry Trust Association Adds a New Membership Opportunity to Serve More Companies in the Retirement Industry

The Retirement Industry Trust Association (RITA) has introduced “RITA Ally,” a third membership category in the association’s lineup intended for companies in the retirement industry that don’t fall into either of RITA’s other membership categories of “Regular” (for IRA custodians/providers) or “Service” (for financial service providers).

The association’s new “Ally” membership comprises three tiers labeled as “Bronze,” “Silver,” and “Gold,” each with particular benefits and membership dues. “Our three-tier Ally membership is catered to the unique needs of companies that do not deal directly in self-directed IRAs but still want to benefit from RITA’s retirement industry advocacy efforts and educational opportunities,” said Erin Moretz, Membership Director of RITA.

A bronze-level RITA Ally membership allows the member company to display its logo on RITA’s homepage with a link to its website, plus authorized use of a “RITA Ally” badge on the member company’s website. RITA’s bronze-level members will also receive industry updates, alerts, and breaking news on regulatory, legislative, and other timely issues, plus discounted conference registration rates for biannual RITA conferences and access to RITA webinars. The annual fee for RITA’s bronze-level Ally membership is $5,000.

A silver-level RITA Ally membership includes all benefits of the bronze-level membership plus an invitation to attend relevant all-member calls regarding advocacy efforts and regulatory and legislative updates as well as monthly social media posts to RITA’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles with links to the member company’s website. The annual fee for RITA’s silver-level Ally membership is $10,000.

A gold-level RITA Ally membership includes all benefits of the silver-level membership plus an opportunity to submit three featured articles per year for inclusion on RITA’s consumer education blog with a link to the member company’s website, native advertising distribution of featured articles to increase brand awareness among RITA’s consumer following (minimum of 270,000+ impressions per article), and boosted monthly RITA Facebook posts targeting consumers (average of 4,100+ impressions). The annual fee for RITA’s gold-level Ally membership is $25,000.

According to the association, “RITA Ally members are not eligible for RITA’s Regular or Service membership and have no voting rights within the organization.”

All companies interested in learning more about becoming a RITA Ally are encouraged to visit RITA’s Membership Benefits page (https://ritaus.org/become-a-member) or contact RITA Membership Director Erin Moretz directly by emailing emoretz@ritaus.org.


RITA is a professional trade association dedicated to expanding opportunities for all Americans to save and invest for retirement. Founded in 1987, RITA is comprised of regulated banks, trust companies, and industry-related professionals. RITA exists to be the leading educator and advocate for the growth and best practices of the self-directed retirement plan industry by providing resources, information, communication, and support to both members and investors. To learn more, visit ritaus.org.