With RITA's MGAM Campaign, you can introduce others to the benefits of RITA membership while earning credits toward your own annual membership fee.



On March 9, 2021, RITA’s Board of Directors approved the implementation of the Member-Get-A-Member (MGAM) campaign.

The driving force behind this program is the power of one – each member has the power to make a difference
by committing to reach out and connect with their peers or network.

Who’s Eligible?

MGAM is open to Regular and Service Members. All RITA members are encouraged to participate.

What’s The Goal?

The Member-Get-A-Member Campaign is designed to grow RITA’s members with an incentive in membership and provide the form of a credit towards their annual membership fee when they refer a new firm that becomes a member.

The goal is to increase membership to sustain the association’s financial goals and strategic mission while strengthening our industry voice.

How It Works

Reach Out

Reach out to a prospect you know could benefit from our services and support to share the value of a RITA membership.


If the prospect expresses interest, fill out RITA's Member Referral Form at the bottom of this page.


Send an email to the prospect introducing RITA’s Membership Director and copy them on the email.


Receive a credit toward your annual membership fee!
(See "Timing of Credit" below.)

Benefits for RITA Members

New Regular Member Incentive

When a referral becomes a RITA Regular Member (an IRA custodian or IRA provider), the referring member will receive a $500 credit towards their annual membership fee.

New Service Member Incentive

When a referral becomes a RITA Service Member, the referring member will receive a $200 credit towards their annual membership fee.

Timing of Credit

Any credits earned will be applied on the referring member’s next invoice, contingent on the new member paying their first annual RITA membership fee.

When Does
MGAM Start?

MGAM is currently in effect! It runs through December 31, 2021, at which time RITA’s Board of Directors will review the results and extend if desired.


RITA’s Membership Committee is always open to hearing your thoughts and ideas about how we can grow membership and add more value for our members.

We encourage all members to reach out to Erin Moretz or Kelli Click with any suggestions, questions, or feedback.

Erin Moretz, RITA Membership Director
(240) 476-6266

Kelli Click, Vice President – Membership
(254) 750-1001

Member Referral Form

Prospective Regular Member/Service Member Information

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  • Current Member Information

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Membership Info

Looking for a better way to express the benefits of a RITA Membership? Download our Membership Info Sheet to use in your initial conversations.

PDF Referral Form

If you'd prefer to fill out a PDF version of the referral form, you can download the form by clicking the link below.


Have questions about MGAM? Ready to submit a PDF version of the Member Referral Form? Click the button below to email RITA's Membership Director.