A New Age of Retirement Life

August 16, 2021

It’s not uncommon to hear about retirees getting bored with their long-awaited life of retirement. Most people would assume that the main reason is because of hardship with their finances, especially with current circumstances taken into account. Retirees are not making enough of a retirement income to last, and therefore need to step back into the workforce. While this reasoning is common and makes sense, it’s not the only factor. Some retirees are stepping out of their retirement to pursue their dreams, to go after something they always wished they had while moving through their careers. Going back to “work” after retirement life is taking on a whole new meaning.

Get Back on Track

The workforce can be a place where big dreams can often be put on the back burner. Somewhere along the lines of pursuing your career, you discovered that you were not living the life you had dreamt of. Most of the time, this is discovered once someone has already fully invested in their career and all that it brings: stability for your family, security, and steadiness of a schedule. It seems crazy to go off and pursue your dreams right in the middle of all of that. Because of this, retirement life is becoming less of a place of leisure and more of an adventure that was always put on hold.

Sure, there is so much appeal in heading into retirement and knowing that you no longer have any job-related responsibilities. Traveling, relaxing, or moving to a dream destination are all things that are often pursued once someone retires. However, chasing a dream job or career while in retirement has become a popular trend. From starting your own bakery to becoming an actor or finally painting professionally, your past dream is attainable in retirement.

Going Forward

So, what does this mean for the retirement industry? How do financial and retirement planners help set their clients and their dreams up for success? It means we have a whole new way of looking at retirement planning. We are more innovative and more intuitive to our clients’ needs. Now, more than ever, we take the time to discuss every part of your retirement goals and ask all the right questions. Is full retirement what you are looking for? Is there a dream or another career path you’re interested in pursuing? Asking questions like these lets you know that we care about your next steps and are interested in helping you live your very best retirement life.

We seek to understand what our clients truly want in their retirement. We empathize with you and what you have always dreamt of being able to do! Everything in this world is ever-changing and retirement is no exception to that. In the years to come, retirement will continue to evolve and look different for everyone. Right now, the innovation comes from a desire to not actually retire at all but to pursue a whole new path. The possibilities in retirement are more diverse than they have ever been. Retirees can go after what they have always dreamed of. This is a second chance at life. For more information on how we assist our clients, visit us at RITA.