8 Retirement Goals for 2022

December 13, 2021

Setting new life goals as a 60-something is an exciting but overwhelming experience. You spend a considerable chunk of your life working hard. Once that is over, you may feel a bit bored, lost, or even dissatisfied. Retirement is a time to do everything you never had the free time for while working. Whether your goals are to create or chase a passion, we want to kick start your pending ideas. For your convenience, we made a list of 8 must-do retirement goals for your best year yet.

1. Spend More Time With Family

Family is one of the most important things in life and retirement. Helping your children raise their kids is like a full-time job in itself. Turning your focus towards strengthening family relationships can be more rewarding and fulfilling than anything, making it the perfect post-retirement goal. Check on that relative you lost touch with years ago, catch up with your siblings and children, or focus on being the best grandparent you can be! Regardless of how you do it, spending more time with your family will be one of the most rewarding aspects of retirement goals. 

2. Exercise More

Joining exercise classes in retirement is a great way to meet new people and get active. While your body might slow down when you’re older, you would be surprised how fun and strong you will feel while working out. Your health will improve with the use of exercise in your newfound time. The goal is to look better, feel better, and get in the best shape of your life with more time and energy to exercise without the burdens of a draining career. Put yourself and your body first by making it one of your retirement goals to exercise more!

3. Travel

Travel should be on the list of everyone’s 2022 goals, retired or not. With travel opening back up from the pandemic, safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Be sure to check local safety guidelines before traveling to a particular destination. With that being said, there are few things less fulfilling than exploring new places, trying new cuisines, and experiencing new cultures, especially without the stressors that a full-time work schedule may bring. Make it a priority to travel the world and experience things you’ve always wanted as part of your retirement goals.

4. Start a Business

Speaking of travel, the tourism industry is expected to boom in 2022. This is the perfect time to start a business, especially if you live in a commonly traveled area. Starting your own business will allow you to focus less on the job you had to do pre-retirement and instead allow you to focus on a personal business that interests and excites you post-retirement. Start the company you have always dreamed of creating or capitalize on that great idea you’ve had for years by starting your own business! Make your own hours, be your own boss, and create something special in your retirement. 

5. Invest Your Money

While being your own boss has its perks, building wealth via your own business takes time, money, hands-on experience, and patience. Investments are a fantastic way to make money while you sleep and avoid the responsibility of more hands-on money-making ventures. Retirement typically comes with a slight drop in income, but getting involved in investing can provide avenues to additional revenue while also providing a new exciting and rewarding hobby. Retirees should also consider dabbling in new investment mediums, like bitcoin, to expand their knowledge. Whatever your investment path, get informed, get involved, and get investing.

6. Get a Job You Are Passionate About

As previously stated, businesses are expected to boom in 2022, meaning the job market will also be competitive. Typically, making as much money as possible is not the goal at this stage of life. Getting a part-time job anywhere from a local coffee shop to your favorite hardware store can provide you with additional income, self-fulfillment through work, and new relationships with coworkers and customers. A part-time job can also ease the transition from working full-time to a more leisurely lifestyle. Turn your career into a passion, and you’ll be one step closer to having an ideal, gratifying retirement.

7. Volunteer

Similar to many other goals on this list, volunteering will also provide an opportunity to build new relationships with like-minded individuals who are passionate about things similar to your interests. Volunteering makes everyone feel good and will give you the boost in morale that you desire. Volunteering will make an impact on your community and have a positive effect on yourself. You will feel great knowing that you are playing a role in the group’s betterment, organization, and area you are assisting.

8. Try House Swapping

House swapping is the new way of having a part-time home without the extra costs attached to owning a home. House swapping is just like how it sounds. If you live in the south and are craving some cold weather or vise versa, you can house swap with someone who lives in opposite climates. House swapping can also be very convenient, as websites can connect you to someone who wants to participate.

This year will be a year for growth, positive energy, and prosperity. Whether starting your own business or simply exercising more, whatever goals you choose are sure to make your year the best year yet. Help yourself and others by making sure to get involved in your community when entering retirement in 2022. Become a RITA member for help with your investments during your retirement.