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coronavirus relief bill, CARES act

Apr 3 2020

How the Coronavirus Relief Bill Could Affect Your Retirement Savings

In these uncertain times, you might be wondering what the COVID-19 crisis means for your financial future. Three retirement relief measures made it into the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act ...
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retirement income

Mar 20 2020

Average Retirement Income

Over half of Americans have no retirement savings at all and of those that do, the majority fall short of savings targets by age and income. Knowing how you compare to the average American household ...
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IRA withdrawals

Mar 13 2020

IRA Withdrawals that Escape Tax Penalty

The reason withdrawals from a traditional Individual Retirement Account prior to age 59 1/2 are generally subject to a 10% tax penalty is that policymakers wanted to create a disincentive to use these savings for ...
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stretch IRA

Mar 6 2020

5 Stretch IRA Alternatives to Consider

There is good news and bad news for retirement savers whose stretch-IRA strategies were upended by the Secure Act: There are workarounds, but none necessarily offer a perfect replacement for the popular estate-planning tool. Passage ...
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retirement planning tips

Feb 28 2020

3 Retirement Planning Tips You Can Do in 2020

Several less-than-obvious strategies and tactics can help you get your finances in better shape for retirement. Some, like converting a traditional Individual Retirement Account into a Roth IRA, could be highly beneficial in the right ...
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Feb 14 2020

How Much Can You Contribute to a SEP IRA for 2020?

Self-employed workers and small-business owners who want an easy and inexpensive retirement plan should consider a Simplified Employee Pension IRA, or SEP IRA for short. Savers are also allowed to stash away more for retirement ...
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required minimum distributions

Feb 1 2020

You Can Now Wait Until 72 To Take Required Minimum Distributions. But Should You?

The Secure Act increased the required minimum distribution (RMD) age from 70 1/2 to 72, marking the first change to the RMD age since first becoming law in 1986. The age increase will only apply to anyone born ...
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estate plan, estate planning, financial plan, retirement plan

Jan 18 2020

No Retirement is Complete Without a Proper Estate Plan

Planning an estate is a subject that no one is in a big hurry to discuss. It seems like one of those things that ought to work itself out and not be our concern. The ...
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retirement planning tips, retirement planning, retirement plan, retirement

Jan 10 2020

Basic Retirement Planning Tips for Future Peace of Mind

Everyone wants to know that the money they have worked so hard for will be adequate, safe, and ready to access at retirement. By addressing the top retirement concerns, anyone can take the right steps ...
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real estate IRA, real estate investing

Dec 6 2019

The Basics of Real Estate IRA Investing

There are many different ways to invest through an IRA. While most people invest through stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, self-directed IRAs open up a world of possibilities. If you’re looking to try something different ...
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