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retirement funding

Nov 20 2020

3 Ways to Make Your Retirement Funding Last

Everyone wants to retire early and relax. But what many people do not consider is that early retirement means the need for more retirement funding. If you would like to retire early you may need ...
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Nov 13 2020

Can an Investor Make an Investment in a Startup Through an IRA?

Can an investor make an investment in a startup through an IRA? The short answer to this question is yes, but (and there almost always seems to be a "but") doing so could result in ...
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retirement travel

Nov 6 2020

3 Ways to Optimize Your Retirement Travel

One of life’s most important lessons is learning how to stretch a dollar. This lesson is even more important in retirement. Life brings new challenges every day that make us learn to sacrifice our wants and provide for our ...
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self-directed IRA

Oct 9 2020

Self-Directed IRA Investments: 3 Popular Options

If you are a savvy investor seeking a broad diversification of alternative assets in which to invest for retirement, a self-directed IRA might be for you. As an investor, you are likely familiar with regular ...
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retirement funds

Sep 4 2020

Pros and Cons of Using Retirement Funds to Purchase a Home

Many first-time home buyers use their retirement funds to purchase a home or provide a large down payment. Extra funding up front will allow monthly mortgage payments to be lower and may give you more ...
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IRA institute

Jul 10 2020

3 Benefits of the RITA IRA Institute

We host the RITA IRA Institute twice a year, every year. This is an event for self-directed retirement professionals, registered representatives, brokers, real estate professionals, attorneys, CPAs, and banking regulators alike. At the IRA Institute, ...
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retirement acts

Jun 5 2020

3 Acts That Will Affect Your Retirement in 2020

The new decade is bringing on a variety of changes. Some are exciting: new technology, new ways of living, new people in the spotlight. But some are not so glamorous. It seems that the days ...
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retirement 101

May 8 2020

Retirement 101: Understanding the Language of Retirement

Retirement jargon can be complicated to understand and, sometimes, even a tiny bit confusing, yet it is necessary to decipher. We want to lay out the basics of retirement for you, explain what the most ...
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coronavirus relief bill, CARES act

Apr 3 2020

How the Coronavirus Relief Bill Could Affect Your Retirement Savings

In these uncertain times, you might be wondering what the COVID-19 crisis means for your financial future. Three retirement relief measures made it into the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act ...
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Apr 3 2020

The Most Common IRA Mistakes

An IRA is one of the best and most common ways to save up money for retirement. Sadly, figuring out how to manage your IRA is not exactly simple. There are so many mistakes you ...
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