8 Things to Look Forward to in Retirement

April 7, 2022

It’s no secret that many people want to break free from their rigid 8-5 schedule. Retirement is something that people look forward to for years, but the stress of planning can cloud all of the good things ahead. Once the thought of crunching numbers no longer haunts your dreams, these are some opportunities that will be on the other side waiting for you. Retirement is a great accomplishment and deserves to be looked forward to. We compiled a list of eight activities to get you pumped up for new beginnings ahead.

1. Moving

If you have spent years in extreme cold or heat, now is your time to make that move to the city of your dreams finally. Moving can also mean downsizing but staying in your local town or moving to the style of house you have always wanted. With no attachments to a job location, the possibilities are endless. Retirees often move to be closer to loved ones, but if you decide moving across the globe is one of your dreams, now is the best time to pursue it!

2. Spending Time With Family

Family is such an integral part of someone’s life, and having a job can get in the way of building relationships and staying connected. Work takes up a lot of your time and causes exhaustion that interferes with your energy levels. With extra free time, you can help loved ones raise their children, go to family dinners, and carry on those traditions that make your family close. Now that you are finally retired, spending time with your family can become your top priority again.

3. Ignoring Your Alarm Clock

Throw that alarm clock away; you won’t need it (unless catching an early flight because you spend your newfound time traveling). After years of waking up and going to bed at a specific time, it is now time to create your schedule. Put that alarm on silent in retirement to make up for those lost years of sleep. Sleep is healing to the body, and you deserve some rest after your years of hard work.

4. Volunteering

Helping others in retirement is a rewarding way to show your appreciation for the local community and its people. Suppose you are looking to make a lasting impact on the world, and volunteer for a cause you support in retirement, whether local or global. Following your passion is an essential aspect of giving back, as it is a way to sharpen your skills and feel good about making a difference.

5. Traveling

Most baby boomers say spending time with family is their most desired retirement activity. However, Gen Z and Millenials say that traveling is their most anticipated retirement activity. No matter the generation, it’s evident that traveling will be on your mind during your retirement years, whether that be on a local family vacation or traveling abroad. We believe traveling is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to spend your hard-earned cash.

6. Socializing

Socialization is fundamental in retirement. Going from a very active lifestyle to a sedentary one can feel tedious. That is why meeting up with friends is stimulating to look forward to in retirement. Now is the time to meet up for coffee at 10 am (the same time you usually would have been taking trips to the water cooler at the office to stay awake) and spend the day with an old friend. Socialize by reconnecting relationships you may not have nurtured as much as you should because of your busy work schedule.

7. Learning New Things

Trying new hobbies is a must for retirement. Trying new things before retirement may seem like a chore because of your lack of free time. In retirement, you have endless free time to get creative with how you spend your days and nights. Some activities to dabble in could be joining new classes at a gym, painting, baking, or instrument playing. The possibilities are endless when it comes to learning new things in retirement!

8. Planning How to Spend Free Time

Statistics show that people from different regions of the US plan to spend their retirement time differently. People from the northeast plan to live in a retirement community, the south plans to purchase a boat, the midwest intends to own a pet, and the west plans to get a part-time job. This is your time to figure out what you want to do with your new life, no matter where you live. Yes, this includes more planning on top of the financial aspect of retirement, but the payoff will be even more significant when you have a set plan for your future.

Who would have thought that something as simple as “relaxing” would be a luxury in today’s world? This list is simple, but they are all necessary aspects of retirement planning. After years of working- taking naps, watching tv, and simply taking life one step at a time feels refreshing. Work takes up a lot of time, and looking forward to these fun activities in retirement helps one get through long nights in the office. To find more opportunities and enhance the flexibility of your retirement plan, you can count on RITA.