8 Part-Time Jobs For Retirees

February 3, 2022

Being in retirement doesn’t mean that you have to stop working altogether. If having a job brings you the satisfaction of making money, getting out of the house, or trying new things, getting a part-time job in retirement is a great way to do all of those. Having a part-time job is also a way to get social with new people. This is something everyone should strive for in retirement. For your convenience, we listed part-time jobs from highest to lowest paying for retirees.

1. Bookkeeper

As our highest paying job on the list, an average bookkeeper makes about 20 dollars an hour. If you have an eye for numbers, a bookkeeper works to maintain financial records. Bookkeeping at a small firm is typically low-stress, but it can be a tedious job. Some companies also prefer if you have a degree in accounting. It’s a perfect fit for those with a higher education who are looking for a side gig.

2. Driver

While the average personal driver makes about $15 an hour, Uber drivers can make up to $20 an hour. Of course, your wages would all depend on how much you choose to drive and the demand for Ubers in your city. Yet, the flexibility of making your hours is why it makes such an attractive part-time job in retirement. Driving can also be used as a social time to meet others, especially if you are feeling bored with your new retirement schedule.

3. Paralegal

Paralegals are highly encouraged to have training due to the hands-on nature of trials, hearings, and meetings; although, no education is necessarily required. It is highly recommended that you receive a paralegal program certificate and have a bachelor’s degree in law or a related field. With an average of $18 an hour, becoming a paralegal can be a compelling career path after retirement. Plus, the more education and experience you have, the more lucrative the legal field becomes.

4. School Bus Driver

If you love energetic kids, this is a part-time job for you! With an average pay of $16 an hour, bus drivers can collect some decent change. Bus driving has strictly set hours, which makes it a very reliable part-time job. Bus driving also gives the option for more hours if you want to volunteer for field trips or traveling sports games. The last thing that makes this part-time job worthwhile is that you are guaranteed summer and winter breaks, as well as holidays off, which is rare to find at some part-time jobs.

5. Hotel Concierge

To be a warm welcoming face at a hotel front desk, you can get paid about 15 dollars an hour. In busy touristy areas, like Disney theme parks or large cities, wages are often higher to account for the extra customer service that is required for guests. Also, in seasonal states like Florida (or wherever people flock during cold weather months) you can get paid closer to $17 an hour. Working as a hotel concierge is one way to feel like your retirement is a vacation every day, and get paid for it!

6. Nanny

Many retirees have already raised children of their own. The thought of the subtle nuisances of crying and sticky counters was long gone. Alas, the honor of helping raise the future generation while their parents are busy is super rewarding. Nannying, starting around $15 an hour pays fairly well. Nannying can also keep you active in retirement, as we all know raising kids is no easy feat. If you adored having children, but the freedom of coming home without them is a plus, then nannying may be a good part-time job for you.

7. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

As a pet sitter, other than having the opportunity to form bonds with some adorable animals, you can also get paid a decent amount. The average pet sitter/dog walker makes $14 an hour. Creating your own hours is a huge convenience, as well as working on your schedule. Speaking of convenience for this part-time job, some websites easily connect you to people who need pet sitters in your area, so there’s no need to go through the stress of searching for job listings.

8. Security Guard

Security guards are an important safety feature to many housing communities, hospitals, zoos, malls, and schools. They get paid around $13 an hour. While it isn’t the highest-paid job on our list, it is a very important job for the well-being and security of others. Also, to be a security guard, there is some training required on communication channels, report writing, and first aid. With a part-time job like this, you won’t miss out on any action that you may crave during retirement.

Working in retirement may seem like a contradiction, but retiring doesn’t mean you retire from life. As a retiree, you’ll still have the urge to socialize with new people. You may also miss that feeling of fulfillment by earning wages. Having a part-time job in retirement can help you collect some extra spending cash. It can also get you out of that day in, day out retirement routine. For tips on how to stay financially secure and have fun in retirement, Retirement Industry Trust Association is here for you.