3 Benefits of the RITA IRA Institute

July 10, 2020

We host the RITA IRA Institute twice a year, every year. This is an event for self-directed retirement professionals, registered representatives, brokers, real estate professionals, attorneys, CPAs, and banking regulators alike. At the IRA Institute, you will learn the latest about the self-directed retirement industry and hear from many experts in our field. But this is not only a chance to learn more about the industry and hone your skills, but also to enjoy yourself! We try to host our IRA Institute events in fun cites that provide entertainment and learning value to our attendees, so you can make the most of your trip. If you are still deciding, here are three benefits of the IRA Advanced Institute that you do not want to miss out on:

1. Stay on Top of All Self-Directed Retirement Industry News, Changes, and Concerns.

The self-directed retirement industry is not an industry that you want to fall behind in. This could damage your reputation, cost you clients, and even cost you your job. During the IRA Institute, we focus on alternative assets in IRA accounts and prohibited transactions, to help you protect yourself and your clients. Over the three days, we also cover topics like precious metals, real estate, LLCs, UBTI, and audits so you can be ready for anything that might come your way. Lastly, we will go over legal requirements for processing IRA accounts and how to reduce fraud in self-directed IRAs. The IRA Institute will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to best serve your clients.

2. Earn Your Self-Directed Industry Professional (SDIP) certification.

On top of the valuable information that you will receive throughout the weekend, you also have the opportunity to earn your Self-Directed Industry Professional (SDIP) certification. This will add to your credibility and continue to build on the foundation of your career. At the end of the event, there will be a seventy-five-question test. If you successfully pass this test you will be eligible to receive your certification. Attaining this certification can propel you further in the industry and place you a step ahead of your competition. It will also add another layer of comfort and assurance to your clientele.  

3. Make Memories and Connections that Last a Lifetime.

We plan our IRA Institute events to be highly educational and engaging. We ensure your time at the IRA Institute will be one to remember. Between the amazing host city to the opportunity to earn new accreditation, the institute is really something you do not want to miss out on. The great part is this is not all that you will gain from attending the IRA Institute. Nothing beats the collaborations and discussions you will have with those who are also in the self-directed retirement industry. You will not only leave with new skills and knowledge of the self-directed retirement industry, but you will also have the experience needed to aid your clientele with any concerns, no matter the industry. The people that attend the IRA Institute event are from all levels of the trade and a variety of places across the United States. You will have the opportunity to learn from your peers’ experiences with their clients, teach and assist new professionals in the industry, and build your network beyond what you could have ever imagined. 

These three benefits are only the tip of the iceberg for anyone who attends the RITA IRA Institute. Do not miss out on the next event! Check our event schedule, and reserve your spot today. It is never too late to keep learning and better yourself. Read more about our IRA Institute on our website